Apps Can Help You Create an Organized Schedule

In today’s fast-paced digital world, you can never be too organized. Tasks large and small pile up so quickly at work, and for many of us at home as well, that we can get stressed out just thinking about what’s on the plate.

That stress comes out in numerous ways — you miss a task assigned by your boss, neglect to complete a project on time or forget to pick your child up from practice. Next thing you know, you’ve become suffocated by an avalanche of “to-dos.”

Don’t worry. You can get more organized simply and efficiently with help. From innovative apps to good ol’ pen and paper, there are literally hundreds of ways to get more organized. Here are a few ideas the busy recruiters at Burnett and Choice Specialists recommend to keep your day more productive and your mind more at ease.

If you have little time to devote to organization…
When all you have is a few minutes each morning to organize your day, a basic to-do list is the right way to go. Simple and straightforward, you can plan and modify the tasks you need to complete for the day without taking up too much time. There are stellar apps out there, like Wunderlist, Todoist, Any.do and Pocket Lists – all with great features to help you stay on task.

A to-do list will help you move through assignments more fluidly. Prioritizing tasks for the day or the week will help you meet deadlines as you flow through your list. By breaking your responsibilities down into manageable chunks, these apps can also help reduce the stress that comes with living such busy lives.

If you’re often double-booked or easily distracted…
Many of us still live in the nightmare of manually coordinating our schedules with work, family, and other responsibilities. If you often come close to double-booking your life, apps like Google Calendar and TimeDriver are great ways to keep your schedule clean and simple.

Likewise, we often have more time than we think we do. For instance, how many times do you find yourself reading emails, getting distracted by an informal meeting and then forgetting to answer them later? When a deadline sneaks up on you, is it because you’re overwhelmed with work, or because you spend a few hours a day on Buzzfeed? You may be unorganized because you are all over the place in the digital world. To use your time more effectively, check out tools like RescueTime, which records how much time you spend on your computer, from actual work to shopping online to watching cats play pianos on YouTube.

If you’re more into visual lists that are easily modified…
The Kanban organizational style might be right up your alley. With Kanban tools you can organize projects into buckets. Your buckets can be any stage of the project, from a whole series of processes or smaller subtasks that mark your overall progress. Trello and Google Keep are great examples of Kanban. They’re visually appealing, letting tactile users move items around. You can set deadlines and reminders, share with others and link up with your calendar. Not only can this improve the efficiency of your organization, it might also help you spot bottlenecks in your system.

Organization is essential for more than just work; it’s vital for life. For active job seekers, it’s even more important to keep your projects organized. If you’re looking for a new employment opportunity, give Burnett and Choice Specialists a call. We can help your job search become more organized and more successful. Contact us today!