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We can effectively recruit and staff open positions in many areas of your business. Whether you are a small to medium company or a large corporation, we have offices all over Texas to ramp-up your hiring needs for all kinds of projects.

Want to learn more about our capabilities? Here are a few case studies from various staffing projects that showcasing our professional ability to handle all types of hiring needs in accounting and finance, administrative, call center and customer service, convention and event support, engineering, healthcare professionals, human resources, IT, legal, light industrial and manufacturing, real estate, sales and marketing, and supply chain.

Customer Engagement Solutions Center for a Global Employer


Our staffing services team in San Antonio was pursued to hire the first few hundred “Inbound Customer Service Representatives” for a new San Antonio call center. This global company offers inbound and outbound voice call center solutions, web and digital text engagement solutions, and back-office processing to help improve customer engagement for their clients. Staffing engagements for the initial ramp-up included:

  •   Customer service representatives
  •   Bilingual Representatives
  •   Administrative & Clerical Support
  •   Staff Training Program Specialists


This company recognized that when launching a new call center in the San Antonio market, they needed a third-party staffing agency partner that could help ramp up its initial staffing needs well as a partner that understood the Texas market.


The San Antonio Burnett Specialists team was given a little over two months to hire the requested Customer Service Representatives and successfully met the rigorous timeline. This included the screening of close to 100 Bilingual Spanish speaking “CSRs.” In addition to the Customer Service Reps, we were requested to hire Trainers and Administrative Support Staff to help boost their personnel launch.


“We had the challenge of coming to a new city, San Antonio, and ramping up a call center location. We met with several staffing agencies before selecting Burnett and have been very pleased with our decision to partner with them. They have been a true partner from the beginning, assisting not only with

the staffing but pitching in to do “whatever it takes” to make our project a success. This

has involved everything from providing us with San Antonio market data to assisting with relocation information to helping arrange appliance deliveries to our temporary training facility.

The staffing of the center was presented with an aggressive timeline. Burnett never failed to meet the goals of our schedule, staffing approximately 200 agents (including screening/testing of 89 bilingual candidates) in a timeframe of about 2 ½ months. They also assisted us in the placement of several trainers and support staff.

Burnett has provided knowledgeable, capable staffing experts who have demonstrated flexibility in rapidly adjusting to changing staffing needs. We enjoy and feel confident partnering with Burnett, and we are happy to recommend them without hesitation.”

-Client human resource management

Large Volume Distribution Center - Houston Project


Burnett Specialists was hired to supply all of the employees in partnership with an executive search firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The originally contracted executive search firm’s client oversaw the assembling over 60,000 pods and service stations along with measuring and marking the distribution center floor for a facility in North Houston. The staffing project included hiring and scheduling 250+ employees for multiple shifts within a short 6-week time frame.

Staffing engagements for the initial ramp-up included:

  •   General Assemblers
  •   Band Retrofitters
  •   Fiducials
  •   Station Installers
  •   F/L Operators
  •   Telehandlers and Leads


Choice Specialists/Burnett Specialists had a 100% fill ratio, which is remarkable in the staffing industry for the volume of placements. Our recruitment team completed the hiring project on time and budget. Our staffing efforts were a huge success, and we had to turn candidates away due to exceeding the requested fill capacity.


The Colorado-based search firm did not have offices or hiring resources in Houston. They hired us as a partner to staff a vast pool of qualified employees on short notice and with a demanding hiring timetable that was continually changing. Since this search firm had worked with this client’s sites before, they knew the timeline would be short, and needs would evolve daily.


The staffing agency partner relied on our operation to facilitate the project entirely. Our team sourced, screened, interviewed, and placed staffing employees ranging in skill sets from assemblers to skilled labor to supervisors. Our company provided 24-hour support, on-site staffing employee management, and training. In addition to tracking attendance and employee performance and conducting daily safety meetings which ensured our temporary employees were wearing all required PPE, we also implemented a facial recognition timekeeping system,

Our professional staffing company created project-specific retention, attendance, and safety award programs and was able to provide over 250+ people to begin the project within the required 6-week timeline. As the project continued beyond the initial ramp-up, the number of employees increased to 700+. As a dedicated employment agency, we were able to conquer many hurdles, including lack of indoor plumbing and electricity during the summer months, absence of facility signage and worksite location directions, delayed start dates, fluctuating employment requirement requests, and last-minute job order cancellations and additions.

Real Estate & Construction Expansion Project


One of our awesome clients whose business is to provide top-quality food products at a great value to their consumers, engaged our Accounting, Supply Chain, and Real Estate specialty division to help support their real estate and construction department at their corporate office in St. Louis. To date, our team has successfully filled dozens of direct-hire positions since August 2017.

By working closely with multiple hiring managers at this company, this has allowed our recruitment team to build strong vendor/client relationships. We believe that these strong relationships give us a better understanding of the client’s consumer services, company goals, business objectives, and allows us to set up a long-term plan to help ensure the client’s recruiting needs were met not only presently, but for the future.

Roles we have successfully filled include:

  •   Real Estate Managers / Analysts
  •   Construction Development Managers
  •   Development Analysts
  •   Store Planners
  •   Senior Construction Development Managers
  •   Franchise Business Development Managers


After being acquired by a private-equity firm who had a vision for massive expansion, this particular client needed to ramp up their real estate and construction teams to support the new expansion plan. By enlisting our services, our team quickly located the talented candidates they needed to support their growth goals.


While working with the client’s St. Louis-based HR team to quickly send qualified candidates for several new openings, we made it our goal to help the client’s hiring process as run as smooth as possible. By building these relationships with the hiring managers on their in-house real estate team, we quickly learned exactly what they needed in potential candidates. As stated in the overview, we have successfully filled over 15 direct-hire positions and continue to build the candidate pipeline to fill future openings.


“… In my ten years of Corporate Recruitment experience, I have not worked with a more exceptional 3rd party recruiter …”

“… the recruiters have robust sourcing and screening skills and were able to pick up on our needs and hit the ground running by sending qualified candidates in literally no time at all. In the year that we worked with your team, they filled 15 positions with us in our Real Estate and Construction Department …”

-Client HR Team

International Polymers & Olefins Producer


Having proved as a valuable recruiting resource to this client company for over ten years, our team of dedicated recruiters has invested much of their time to understand the employer’s business objective and company culture deeply. This has allowed our staffing company to serve as an extension of this client’s HR team. Our recruiting and placement support includes direct hire search, temporary staffing, temp-to-hire solutions as well as payrolling services. The client company operates globally, including 12 completely-owned sites across the US.

Types of roles we have successfully filled include:

  •   Cost Controller | Accountants
  •   Customer Service Specialists
  •   Engineering Procurement and Construction Manager
  •   Inspectors
  •   Maintenance Manager
  •   Process Engineers
  •   Project EPC Engineers
  •   SAP Configuration Analyst
  •   TS&D Engineers
  •   Administrative Assistants


“We have worked with Burnett/Choice Specialists over the past ten years, filling a variety of positions from administrative to highly technical roles, including both temporary and direct hires.

We truly appreciate the professionalism and customer-focused service they provide to us. The Burnett staff has made an effort to learn about our company’s culture, which has given them the ability to source candidates who fit our needs and can make contributions from day one.

The Burnett/Choice team is flexible and open to our feedback. They keep us in the loop not only on the jobs they’re working on for us but also on professional events in the local community that may be of interest. We appreciate their open and honest communication and their willingness to go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service.

Great job, Burnett/Choice Specialists! We look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.”

-Client Human Resources

Industry-Leading Streaming Services Provider - Customer Service Contact Center


Our company was hired to staff the client’s new San Antonio call center in October 2017. Throughout this partnership, we have served as a proven recruiting resource for this employer. Our recruitment team successfully filled 17 new-hire onboarding classes, which included three classes in one month to meet the aggressive ramp-up schedule.

The client’s business objective provides streaming services that offer instant access to live and on-demand channels to over 20 million U.S. subscribers. Our placement services included direct hire search, temporary staffing, temporary to hire staffing as well as payrolling services. Our team of experienced and committed recruiters invested much of their time to fully understand the client’s hiring needs and company culture, allowing us to become an extension of their hiring team.

Recruiting and placement engagements include:

  •   Call Center Viewer Experience Representative
  •   Bilingual Call Center Viewer Experience Representative
  •   Team Manager
  •   Associate Workforce Manager
  •   Training/Curriculum Specialist
  •   Real-Time Analyst Resolution


The client company had expanded its call center operations into the San Antonio market. The expansion project began with a temporary facility while their permanent facility was being constructed. New to the San Antonio market, they wanted a staffing and placement agency with extensive knowledge and success in the call center industry who was local in San Antonio. Our team worked with the newly developed in-house client team as the company’s recruiting and onboarding procedures evolved as the project matured. We quickly and successfully established a candidate pipeline to meet their hiring needs. As our vendor/client partnership grew, we became a resource for their direct hire needs in addition to the high-volume initial ramp and maintaining monthly training classes.


“We have had the pleasure of partnering with Burnett/Choice over the past year and have been very pleased with their work. They have filled hundreds of roles for us, pivoted with us when we needed them to, are very organized and professional in their approach, but most of All, very go with the flow and pick things up quickly. Hands down, we would partner with them again in the future.”

-San Antonio Client Call Center HR Team

International Eye Care Device Manufacturer On-Site Partnership


Burnett Specialists/Choice Specialists served as an onsite high volume staffing partner for over 25 years in Houston for this client company. We successfully provided hiring support in the following areas: Assembly, Light Industrial, Accounting, Manufacturing, IT, Human Resources, Administrative/ Clerical, as well as Training.

This leader in eye care, founded in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1945, develops, manufactures, and distributes devices in over 70 countries and serves patients in over 140 countries. Their “cutting-edge innovation and breakthrough technology are transforming the way eye diseases and conditions are treated.”

Staffing and placement engagements include:

  •   Accountants
  •   Sr. Administrative Assistant
  •   Assembler – Various Shifts Including Weekend
  •   CNS Tool Room
  •   CNS Engineer
  •   Custodian
  •   Data Entry
  •   Facilities Maintenance Tech
  •   Manufacturing Engineer
  •   Molding Engineer
  •   PowerBuilder Programmer
  •   Production Supervisor
  •   Project Support Specialist
  •   QA Engineer
  •   QA Lab Technician
  •   Technical Writer
  •   Trainer
  •   Warehouse – Various Shifts
  •   and more


During our onsite partnership with this client, we successfully developed the following client-specific tools.

  •   Standardized Pre-Screen Screen Script – list of questions for each candidate to determine previous employment duties and employment tenure
  •   Candidate Interview Guide & Checklist – telephone and face-to-face interview list of questions to help resolve employment eligibility
  •   Reading Comprehension Testing – used as a pre-screening tool which included logic in determining job function capabilities
  •   New Employee Orientation and Training – All new employees are taken through the Burnett/Choice staffing employee orientation and training program to get a better understanding of the client company’s policies and procedures and “Best Practices On The Job.”
  •   Ongoing training to continue employee development, safety, and quality.
  •   Performance evaluations to assess and acknowledge areas for improvement as well as positive work habits
  •   Employee Rewards and Recognition Program – Designed to improve employee retention
  •   Custom Reports – Reporting that included turnover, tenure, diversity, and interview-to-hire ratios.


“The addition of the on-site coordinator vendor in our facility several years ago provided us with even better quality and peace of mind since we knew our large temporary workforce was being managed well by your competent staff.

Your personnel coordinators we’ve had working here have all displayed your company culture’s enthusiasm, immediate response, and follow-through, which we have come to expect from your organization. They have all been a pleasure to have in our office, and their efforts have made all of our jobs easier.

I know that the stability of your management and staff, as well as the quality and hard work of everyone I have met at Burnett/Choice, contribute to the success that you have enjoyed over the years that you have been in business.”

-Houston On-site Manager, Human Resources

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