Improve Your Company LinkedIn Page To Get Better Leads

More than one-third of all new marriages start with an online introduction. If social media is a valid place to meet your mate, you can bet it’s also an ideal spot to meet your next big client.

Using LinkedIn to establish your brand is a lucrative way to expand your network of possibilities. You can connect with customers, build your brand image and solidify your reputation all with one platform — LinkedIn. With more than 300 million users on board, the potential for attracting better employees and expanding your business is limitless.

However, that doesn’t mean you should just rush in and create a LinkedIn page all pell-mell. You’ll need to put thought and strategy into deciding how you want LinkedIn to enhance your company’s image. Once you’ve decided that, you can’t just make the page and walk away. These sites require work; they need maintenance and engagement. With a stable and consistent LinkedIn presence, you can build your name into an unforgettable brand.

Generate new leads

If your sales have slumped or it has been ages since a new client has come on board, it might be time to build your brand on LinkedIn. A LinkedIn page connects you to other professionals, both as individuals and as groups. This network has a ripple effect, blasting your company out to a wider, yet still targeted audience. Your clients have the chance to interact with you on LinkedIn, allowing you to drive and direct the conversation about your company.

Be active and consistent

An empty, outdated LinkedIn page is honestly worse than no page at all. If a potential client checks your business out on the site and sees you haven’t updated since 2002, they may be inclined to think that you have trouble committing to projects. Consistent messaging on LinkedIn will also help solidify your company’s identity, creating a strong brand both online and out in the real world.

Position your company as an industry leader

You’ve been in the game a while and are an expert at what you do. You know this, but how many others do? A LinkedIn page is a place to share industry advice, expert opinions, business tips and proven techniques. This insight shows potential customers that you are an authority in your field. This establishes trust and rapport right off the bat, before they even contact you directly.

Benefit from free (or cheap) PR and advertising

You can post videos, images, white papers and blogs all right on your LinkedIn page. You can reach millions just by simply posting a video showing how you satisfy your customers’ needs. Maybe you are a startup and don’t have the budget for a flashy commercial or polished ad campaign? Perhaps you’re a large corporation looking to engage your audience in a conversation? With pay-per-click LinkedIn ads, this site could be the just the place you need to make these deeper connections.

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