Las Colinas manufacturing job recruiting services

If you’re searching for experienced, dependable workers, you need to use our Las Colinas manufacturing job recruiting services to find the top recruits quickly and efficiently. Here at Choice Specialists, we have years of experience putting workers in a position to succeed, and we guarantee that we can find the employees you’ve been searching for. 

Partnering with Us

Letting our Las Colinas manufacturing job recruiting agency take on this task has many benefits. You get to focus on running your company, rather than spending time and energy searching for employees who may or may not work out. You also get new employees you can trust, knowing that they’ve been completely vetted and interviewed in advance. You can relax and focus on what’s really important while we quickly and easily take care of your staffing needs

A few other reasons to use our manufacturing job recruiting services in Las Colinas TX include:

  • We have a network of more than 800,000 workers, so it’s easy to find top talent.
  • We use specialized recruiters who really understand the industry and your needs.
  • We continue to pursue high-end talent daily at our Las Colinas manufacturing job recruiting agency, carrying out 20,000 annual interviews. 
  • Based out of Dallas, we are the top recruiting firm in the state. 
  • We use an award-winning recruitment process that you can trust.
  • Every year, we spend more than $2.7 million on advertising and recruiting so that you don’t have to. 

In short, there is no better way to find high-caliber employees than to utilize our Las Colinas manufacturing job recruiting services. Let us help take your company to the next level. 


Our mission is to make Burnett / Choice synonymous with integrity and proven results; to have our team members recognized as leaders for their professionalism and dedication; and to meet and anticipate needs so that the satisfaction we feel in a job well done is reflected back to us by those we serve.

Senior Vice President


“Our Human Resources Department recommended Burnett Accounting Specialists to help us fill an open Credit Analyst position. I was somewhat skeptical about using a staffing company to fill an important position for us, but the Burnett team jumped in immediately and asked for the characteristics and experience levels we were looking for. We received several resumes to fill the open position and began interviewing the same week. We quickly found the candidate we were looking for, brought him on board, and have been very pleased with the results. Shortly thereafter, we needed to fill another analyst position with a slightly different skill set. Once again, Burnett quickly got us the requested resumes and set up interviews. We filled that position in a week and have been extremely happy with the results. I am pleased to recommend Burnett to anyone in need of timely performance in presenting pre-qualified candidates for temporary or full-time employment. I am completely confident they will surpass your expectations.”


International Oilfield and Waterfield Products Company

“We recently had two positions filled with your candidates, and we were very impressed with their professionalism and pleasantness. The manner in which you have made this time sensitive and delicate process very smooth and efficient is most appreciated. You are now our main reference when in need of new hires, either temporary or full time. Moreover, I wanted to congratulate you for your dedication and your ability to understand our staffing needs considering the time restraints and the complex nature of our organization.”

HR Team

Process and Flow Control Solutions Provider

“We had several difficult positions to fill, and your responsiveness and focus on meeting our staffing needs has decreased our time-to-fill. Your expertise in the industry is evident in the quality of candidates you submit.”


International Oil and Gas Company

“Burnett Accounting Specialists is always ready and eager to help me with any search at the drop of a hat. We have a lot of changes that happen, sometimes minute by minute. They are always positive and work on those searches with great enthusiasm. I so appreciate all of their assistance and excellent work ethic. “

Skill Specializations

Whether you are a job seeker or an employer, the benefit of working with a recruitment team dedicated to your area of expertise will ultimately save you time and money.

Job Postings

Accounting Manager

Houston , Texas

Energy Legal Secretary

Austin, Texas

Temporary Facility Sanitizing Clean Up

San Antonio, Texas

Logistics Specialists

Alvin, Texas

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If you want to get in touch with the top manufacturing job recruiting agency in Las Colinas TX, just give us a call today at 214-823-5057.