Sales and Marketing

At Choice Specialists, we understand that there is no substitute for having a dynamic and highly motivated sales and marketing department on your side.

Sales and marketing professionals not only help establish your brand’s unique identity but also serve as a critical connection to your customer base. Our award-winning recruiting staff specializes in placing the best, brightest, and most extensively trained entry- to senior-level candidates to your open positions. Learn more today about how we can help you achieve game-changing results for your business.

Each member of our Sales, Marketing, and Creative recruiting team has direct, hands-on recruiting experience in the sales and marketing arenas. This industry-leading approach helps us find the ideal candidate for each of your open positions. Work with a team backed by over 45 years of success today.

We Are the Recruiting Solutions Provider Texas Businesses Trust

Unlike other recruiting agencies, Choice Specialists evaluates each candidate to match them to an optimal sales and marketing position where they are most likely to thrive. This innovative pre-screening, pre-qualification process helps our clients save substantial time and money and minimize turnover. Connect with a member of our recruitment today to access talented sales and marketing professionals to fill critical vacancies in your company, including: 

  •     Accounting Executives
  •     Business Development Managers
  •     Content Developers
  •     E-Commerce Associates
  •     Industrial Sales
  •     Inside Sales
  •     Marketing Assistants
  •     Marketing Coordinators and Representatives
  •     Marketing Managers
  •     Sales Coordinators
  •     Sales Executives
  •     Sales Managers
  •     Sales Representatives
  •     Social Media Specialists
  •     International Sales Associates
  •     Technical Sales Specialists
  •     Managers, Directors, VPs and more

Access Cutting-Edge Sales and Marketing Talent Fast

Partnering directly with Choice Specialists allows companies across the Dallas metro and Texas to achieve a competitive edge and dominate their sectors. Let us know how our employee-owned and nationally certified woman-owned business can help your organization grow while delivering access to the best and brightest sales talent on the market.



Sales Manager

Engineering Firm

“I know I am among many clients, but with your fast replies and attention to our specific needs, I feel like each time I call, I move to the top of your list. Each time I give you so little time and information to work with, yet you understand and come through to meet my needs time and again and do it with a personal touch. You have made Burnett my go-to solution for staffing needs.”

Director of Human Resources

Rack and Pinion Vertical Access Equipment

“Thank you again for locating our new Marketing Assistant! You did not send me a lot of candidates to look at; you only sent a few quality candidates! We interviewed all three and made an offer! When you suggested that you wanted to come out to our facility, it was very refreshing to hear that! Other companies tried recruiting from a desk, and since our business is unique, it’s hard to understand our business without seeing the product. You also asked a lot of questions to understand what we were looking for in a candidate. Without a doubt, the candidate is top-notch and one of our best hires! Thanks again for all of your hard work in helping fill this position! I would, without a doubt, recommend you and Burnett Sales & Marketing Specialists.”

Human Capital Advisor

Transport Solutions

“Penny Murray is one of the BEST staffing professionals I have had the opportunity to work with. She takes the time to learn about our company’s needs and has the patience to let our process run its course. She always presents candidates that are ready for our unique challenges. Talk to her once, and you feel like you have known her your whole life!”