Temporary & Contract Staffing

Qualified and pre-screened employees available for short-term and long-term assignments.  Once you approve the temporary’s timesheet, you are invoiced for their time at an hourly bill rate.

Many companies take advantage of temporary staffing services.  It gives employers the flexibility to supplement their workforce during peak times or particular circumstances.

For example, do you have an internal employee going on vacation leave, family medical leave, maternity/paternity leave? Do you need extra help during holidays or seasonally? These are just a few scenarios of what our current clients found themselves in which led to a continued and successful partnership.

By using Choice as a resource for your staffing needs, the responsibility of workers’ compensation claims, statutory taxes, unemployment claims, etc. is left to us.  Also, the management of tedious HR processes as they pertain to coaching, counseling, hiring, and terminations, and other related issues are left up to us. It’s our job to help your company grow. 

Our proven staffing and placement solutions have been developed and perfected since 1974.  That means we have over 45 years of experience in several skill specializations such as: 

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