Want Customer-Focused IT Staff? Look at Their People Skills

How many times does it take your network administrator to clearly explain why something technical wasn’t working right? When your IT staff engages with other departments, how does it go?

IT workers can often get stereotyped as antisocial employees, ones whose technical jargon is barely decipherable by others. While this can be true for some individuals, the whole industry gets branded as difficult to work with. What you need is an IT staff with people skills. Here are some qualities to look for when interviewing your next IT candidate:

Workplace Culture – If your IT staff has trouble communicating with others, they could become isolated from the rest of the team. A workforce culture that emphasizes community needs an IT department that embodies these ideals. Since IT interacts with literally every department, they will be more effective if they reflect the workplace culture.

Teamwork – IT works with every layer in a company, so being able to collaborate with those in positions both above and below is a great benefit. Being able to work positively with a team shows you are a person who others can relate to.

Leadership – These days both temporary and permanent IT employees must wear many hats. An IT leader with strong people skills can inspire and support the staff to develop stronger people skills. Effective leaders are expected to think quickly and critically, and use people skills to convey ideas that motivate others.

Communication – In many workforce environments, employees are no longer isolated on an assembly line, behind a computer or in a cubicle. IT professionals will be asked to solve tasks specifically related to multiple areas. No matter the position or industry, knowing how to communicate with a diverse workforce will help your IT department become more effective.

Interactions – For IT staff to be able to convince decision makers to purchase new technology, they need people skills. These skills are also necessary for explaining technology changes to other staff. IT employees must be able to demonstrate that they can think on their feet, assess problems and convey solutions to co-workers who are less tech savvy.

Are you looking for IT professionals that are more customer-driven? Maybe you have an IT employee going on maternity leave and need to fill her vacant position with a temporary worker? At Burnett and Choice Specialists, we have matched talented IT candidates in both temporary jobs and permanent positions. Contact us today and we can connect you with a workforce ready to help your business succeed.