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As a member of our Burnett and Choice Specialists' staff, you have the wonderful opportunity to become an owner of the company. This happens through our ESOP, which stands for Employee Stock Ownership Plan. An ESOP is a retirement plan under ERISA laws and is similar to a 401K plan. It does not cost you anything and is designed to help provide you with a retirement income.

You become eligible to participate in the ESOP after you have worked 1,000 hours in your anniversary year, which is a 12-month period from your first day of work or any anniversary year thereafter. To be eligible to receive stock, you must work 1000 or more hours in a plan year and be employed at the end of the plan year.

After only three years in the plan, you become vested for the full amount of your stock allocation. Participating employees receive an annual statement of their account. This statement is mailed in May or June of each year. Click here to view the ESOP Summary Plan Description. The Summary Plan Description provides information about the Plan and the distribution of the value of your vested shares upon your retirement or exit from the Company.

We will set up a personal account for you showing your stock portfolio. To access it, see box above for login.

Sue and Rusty Burnett set up the ESOP, to not only plan for their future and the company's future, but for yours as well. The value of your retirement plan grows as the value of the company increases. Since the inception of our ESOP in 2010, our company has been steadily increasing in value.

It is exciting to become one of the owners of Texas' largest employee-owned staffing and placement firm. We hope you will be with us for many years and that your stock will continue to grow to brighten your future!

Click here for Owners login to your ESOP Account.
• Enter your first and last names as they appear in our payroll system.
• If you have been married since you became an owner and your married name doesn't work, try using your maiden name.
• Your default password is your social security number. You have the option to change it to something else if you wish.